Harrison Township Factsheet

The Township Factsheet is collection of local data, presented in an easy to understand format by the HTPL.  The data can be handy for business leaders, students, writers of grants or business plans, and anyone interested in local community development.  The factsheet is updated periodically as new data becomes available.

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Population Projections

Harrison Township Population numbers are projected to stay the same or grow in the in the next 5 to 10 years according to SEMCOG and ACS survey projections, with potentially  28,554 by 2045.  A large portion of this growth is expected to be from new residents between the ages of 24-54.

An Aging Community

Harrison Township has a large senior population, outpacing the state and national numbers for those over the age of 60.

Other Quick Data profiles

SEMCOG Community Explorer
SEMCOG Custom Profile
US Census Quick Facts
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Please also see our tips to access local statistics in our citations below.

US Census Counts

US Census 2010 24587
US Census 2020 24314

Source: Census Quick Facts

2020 Households

    Total households 11554
    Average household size 2.1

Source: 2020 Census

Township Diversity

# %
White 19,632 80.7
African American 2503 10.3
Hispanic or Latino 742 3.1
Asian 255 1

Source: 2020 Census.

Over 60 crowd.

Age  Harrison Twp MI US
over 60 29.59% 24% 22.3%

Source: 2020 ACS.

Income, Wealth

While some measures of wealth can be difficult to track at the Township level, income and home values are meaures we can view.  In Harrison Township, the median income in census tract areas along the Clinton river and along the shores of lake st clair are between $87,710 and $96,125.  (ACS census data from SEMCOG) These wealthy areas raise the median income for the entire township to a level higher than the state and national average.  The same can be said for home values, which range between $197,900 and $270,000 in the wealthiest census tracts, but average $190,200 for the whole Township.

By Household Township Michigan United States
Median income (dollars) 67225 59234 64994

Source: 2020 ACS.

Home Value

Township Michigan United States
Median Home Value 190200 162600 229800

Source: 2020 ACS.

One simple method that is based on income defines the middle class as earning between 2/3 to 2 times the median US income.  According to the 2020 ACS numbers below, that defines middle class household incomes between $42,896 and $129,988.  Just over fifteen percent of Americans make more than $150,000 a year in income, and just over fourty percent fall below $50,000.

Income 0-25k 25-49k 50-149k 150 + 200 +
Harrison Twp. 16.7% 15.9% 48.5% 12.7% 6.5%
Macomb 16.4 17.8 49.4 11.9 5.1
MI 19.7 22.9 46.1 11.6 5.1
US 18.4 22.5 45.6 15.4 8.3

Source: 2020 ACS.

Community Development

A Waterfront Development Plan was established by the Township in 2015, to create a walkable district with physical and visual access to and along the waterfront for public use.  A new Downtown Development Authority was also established to implement the plan. See the DDA website for more details and supporting documents, and the 2010 Development Plan on the Planning Commision's website.

Local Roots

Ancestry # %
Total Population 24995 100.0%
German 5491 21.9%
Polish 3693 14.7%
Irish 2843 11.4%
Italian 2460 9.8%
English 1853 7.4%
French 1546 6.2%


Housing Costs

Township Michigan United States
Median monthly housing costs 943 915 1120
Median Rent 884 892 1096

Source: 2020 ACS.


The 2021 poverty measure for an individual is a $12,800 per year income or less. This number is adjusted for households with additional family members.

Some social services may include individuals with up to 200% of this income. In 2021 the 200% figure is $25,760 for an individual.  Over 20% of Harrison Township residents, according to the Census ACS 2019 estimates, are at or below this 200% threshold.

Looking at income by census tract, suggests that many of these lower income households are in the areas along the expressway, and in the southernmost tracts of the Township. (ACS SEMCOG Community Explorer)

 All Individuals with income below the following povery ratios
        50 percent of poverty level 1117
        125 percent of poverty level 2987
        150 percent of poverty level 3656
        185 percent of poverty level 4803
        200 percent of poverty level 5186

Source: ACS 2019. See also How Poverty is measured.
and the Living Wage Calculator.

Other Poverty Measures for Harrison Township

Total  Percent
No health Insurance 1219 4.8%
On Medicaid 3611 14.0%
WIC * 270 2.3%
Receiving SNAP
1116 9.59%

ACS 2019.  *locals number  gathered from MCHD &  CFHC (1/27/2022)

Households with Limited Internet Access

Households Percentage
No computer 1249 10.7%
Only cellphone 1162 10.0%
Combined 2411 20.7%


Households Percentage
Without an Internet subscription 1529 13.1%
Cellular data plan with no other type of Internet subscription 1608 13.8%
Combined 3137 26.9%

ACS 2019.

Business & Industry

Selfridge Air National Guard Base is the largest local employer and holds 3600 acres of land.  Near the guard base is an industrial district made up of manufacturing and service industries.  More recently, marijuana grow facilities have been established in the area.  Other important industries in the area support the blue economy with marinas, boat sellers, boat supplies, restaurants, and convenience stores.  Also related to the blue economy, St. Clair Shores Metropark occupies a large stretch of land in the Township and is a popular regional destination in the tri-county area.

Major Industries* %
National Security 17.5
Retail Trade (Eating & Drinking Establishments, Misc Retail, Auto dealers and gas, food stores, Home furnishings.) 16.6
Other Services (Business, Personal, Engineering, Accounting, Repair) 15.8
Manufacturing (Industrial Machinery, Metal Products, Electronics, Transportation) 11.9
Educational Services 10.2
Health Services 5.5
Transportation (Water, Motor Frieght, & air) 5.2
Construction (Special Trade & General Building 4.5
Amusement & Recreation Services 3.7
Finance & Insurance 3.2
Other Public Administration (Local Gov, Human Services) 2.4
Wholesale Trade 2.5
Forestry & Fishing (Agricultural Services) 1
Total 100
All Services including Health, Education, Recreation & Other 35.2
* D&B Business Summary Report Q3 2021


American Community Survey. (ACS) 2019 & 2020.
Filter your search by geography (use zip code for all of Harrison Township) to access ACS tables. Statistics taken from the American Community Survey are estimates.  Survey data from the 2020 census is preferred as it becomes available.  See also SEMCOG Community Explorer.

Census QuickFacts
Must search by "Harrison Charter Township"
QuickFacts data are derived from: Population Estimates, American Community Survey, Census of Population and Housing, Current Population Survey, Small Area Health Insurance Estimates, Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates, State and County Housing Unit Estimates, County Business Patterns, Nonemployer Statistics, Economic Census, Survey of Business Owners, Building Permits.

County Business Patterns. (CBP) 2019.
Census Business Builder: https://cbb.census.gov/sbe/
Good for customer demographics, weak on industry specific data for small locations.  Can look at personal spending at restaurants, but not at data about local restaurants. Use 48045 as location, then create a report.

D&B Business Summary of Harrison Township (CCD/MDD by County) Q3 2021.  Accessed through Demographics Now database.  (using American Community Survey (ACS) data from us Census bureau)

Demographics Now Database: http://widgets.ebscohost.com/prod/customerspecific/mel/auth.php?database=dnow Login with your library card.

SEMCOG Community Explorer
This tool from the South Eastern Michigan Council of Governements breaks down ACS data to the census tract level. https://maps.semcog.org/CommunityExplorer

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