More than
thousand items
inside the library
More than
thousand titles
available for download
More than
million songs
to download or stream
More than
million items
available on request

Find What You're Looking For

The library isn't just about books. In addition to print books, we offer DVDs and audiobooks on CD. Our library collection includes nearly 30,000 physical items.

In addition, our collection of electronic resources is astounding:

Inside the Library
Books 21,000+ titles
DVDs 3200+ titles
Books on CD 2600+ titles
Digital Downloads and Streaming
eBooks and Digital Audiobooks 675,000+ titles
Streaming Video 15,000+ titles
Streaming Music 15 million+ songs
Beyond the Library
MeLCat Interlibrary Loan 20 Million+ Titles
SLC Member Libraries 27 branches
MILibraryCard Participants 150+ libraries