Who’s Eligible to Borrow Materials

We’re happy to serve the residents of Harrison Township. If you live or own property in the Township, you’re eligible for a library card. For more information about applying for library card, please visit our Getting a Library card page.


Non-Residents may be eligible to borrow materials from the library. The following may also borrow materials from our library according to the library’s policies and procedures.

  • Library cardholders from other Suburban Library Cooperative member libraries
  • Library cardholders from libraries that are part of the MILibraryCard program
  • Those who have chosen to purchased a paid library card

Suburban Library Cooperative

The Suburban Library Cooperative is a network of public libraries in the Macomb County area that share resources and offer reciprocal borrowing privileges to other members' cardholders.

If you have a valid library card from one of the other SLC libraries, simply bring your library card a valid ID to register at HTPL.


MILibraryCard is a statewide network of public and academic libraries. Library patrons may request a MILibraryCard sticker from their home library. People who's library card bears the MILibraryCard sticker may borrow certain materials from HTPL. More information about MILibraryCard can be found on its website.

Purchased Library Cards

For individuals who are not otherwise eligible to borrow materials from HTPL, we offers a purchased library card. For annual fee, a purchased card provides access to all of HTPL's resources, but is not valid for use at other SLC libraries and does not offer MILibraryCard privileges. More information about purchasing a library card can be found on our Getting A Library Card page.

Find It Here

Search our collection of books, DVDs, audiobooks and digital media.


Have It Delivered To The Library

MeLCat is a statewide source of books and other materials. With over 20 million titles, you'll likely find what you're looking for.

Find It Nearby

Can't find what you're looking for in our catalog? HTPL cardholders can borrow materials from any of the other SLC libraries in the Macomb County Area.

Material Type Days Out Renewals Permitted* Fine Rate
Books 21 2 $0.20
Audio Books 21 2 $0.20
DVDs 7 2 $0.20

*Materials may be renewed as long as other patrons have not placed a reserve request on the item.